Our Story

The beautiful game of golf is becoming more diverse and adding to its beauty each day, yet the golf footwear scene remains the same. We wanted to give golfers something fresh, colorful and vibrant. Designs that represent the diversity of our golfers and as unique as their swings. A real luxury footwear experience. This is Chevalier Golf.

We started with the leather and sourced environmentally responsible LWG rated tanneries which also provide leather to the luxury fashion houses throughout Europe. We then looked for a team of artists that could think outside the box and design unique, never before seen designs for golf shoes. We found a team led by an internationally recognized artist to re-imagined golf footwear. They employed inspiration from the world around us including historical textile, pottery and embroidery patterns, ancient architecture, artwork, modern culture and everyday life. We then sourced modern materials like EVA and E-TPU to give you the lightest most comfortable shoe. We used up-cycled sheep leather in the inner lining for a soft and luxurious feel.

After we secured the materials, we found craftsman who use age old shoe-making techniques to individually handcraft our beautiful shoes. We can proudly say our shoes are 100% handmade; from the pattern cutting to the final sole attachment. Our artisans have more than 35 years of shoe-making experience and used their collective mastery to bring our dream to life and craft the most beautiful and comfortable shoes in golf.

Good luck out on the course!

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